A great sampling of some Livermore Valley Wine!

Cliff's Wine Picks



These wines were provided by Balzac Communications acting on behalf of Steven Kent and La Rochelle Wineries.



The Lineup



These wines were tasted as part of the Steven Kent Wines online Twitter tasting on Friday, February 15th.  The notes that follow were compiled first during the event but modified as needed after retasting the bottles again on Saturday.  As expected a few of the larger red wines showed the most improvement on the second day.  Since these wines are priced on the higher side (but very reasonably, in my opinion) it would be best to allow the big reds considerable air or preferably a few years in the cellar.



Steven Kent Winery and La Rochelle Winery are part of the Steven Kent Portfolio.  Information is available online for Steven Kent Portfolio,Steven Kent Winery, and La Rochelle Winery.




2011 Steven Kent…

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I am a Livermore hospitality professional with access to all that Livermore Wine Country can offer. Tag along while I explore, and give me ideas on what I should do next.
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